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Aging Parents – Posted on May 5, 2016 by Matt Thomson0 Comments

Golden Heart Senior care is one of the premier senior care companies in the Front Range of Colorado especially when it’s time to move your aging parents. In my work helping families in the Littleton area sell and buy homes, I am more and more frequently coming into contact with families that need senior care in addition to real estate services. I recently met with Golden Heart Senior Care Director Shelley Krause and immediately recognized the same thing that drives me in my business drives Shelley in hers: she cares about her clients.

In the next decade or so, I believe our country is going to have a tidal wave of seniors who need to either transition from their independent living situation to an assisted living arrangement, or have some level of in-home care in place. Golden Heart provides both in a very personal, very caring manner. Many of my clients, and now even some family members, are being faced with the reality that as we age, we often need assistance. Sadly, many people either don’t have the means or more often don’t have the knowledge of how to provide that care for the seniors in their lives.

This is something, like selling real estate, that you don’t have to try and navigate alone. Golden Heart Senior Care provides expert placement services, and Shelley and her team will make sure that you and or your loved ones are put in the best possible situation for you and your family. There are dozens of assisted living centers in Littleton and hundreds of assisted living centers in the greater Denver foothills region. It can be overwhelming for a family to choose the best place to have mom or dad live, and it gets even more complicated if the family isn’t local.

Many of my clients are dealing with aging parents in other states, wondering if bringing them to Colorado is the right choice or finding a place for them nearer their own home. I will likely be faced with this same choice in the not too distant future (just checking to see if my parents are reading my blog!). If you are in need of in-home care or assisted living placement in the Littleton area, please contact Shelley at Golden Heart Senior Care. Simply having someone who knows the landscape, the language, the financing options, etc, can take a huge amount of stress off of your shoulders.

If you or your family has a home to sell in the Littleton or Greater Denver area, please contact me (Matt Thomson Homes) and learn about how we can handle everything, from the sale to repairs, even packing and moving. I understand that transitioning to assisted living can be an emotional time, and our job is to handle the entire real estate portion in a caring manner. Whether you’re looking to move family to Littleton to live near you, or you have family in the front range that needs to move nearer to your part of the country, let me handle the real estate and Golden Heart Senior Care handle the rest.